My name is Graham

I am a software developer, a maker, father, husband and a lover of the outdoors. I am always looking to work with new people and on new projects. Are you looking for someone to work with? Here’s why I might be a good fit.

Best practices + group dynamics

I work with business culture as much as technology. I work in both software development and social dynamics, to lead and advocate for a cohesive product vision and for successful solutions.

I have a track record of success with complexity

In the past 10 years I have worked for State and Federal agencies, startups, and political candidates at the state and congressional level. I have a proven ability to succeed in complex dynamics.

I can clarify the opaque

Communications should be tailored to the audience. My experience in political psychology helps me to build a profile of the audience and build rapport through appropriate means, in person and through digital media.

I'm fun on your team

I remember proto-memes and enjoy new ones. I listen to podcasts and read web comics and library books. I watch superhero shows because I want to and kids movies because I have to.

Things I can help you with

User Experience
Product Strategy
C# Web and Desktop
Ruby On Rails
Product Management
Business Strategy